Uni Survival Toolkit

Tip Number One: Check your Tool Kit


I’m not talking about spanners and pliers. I’m talking about your dreams, goals, fears, academic skills and all the other things that equip you to thrive at Uni.

Give yourself a good looking over. Are you fit? Are your mind and body ready for some academic action? Whatever you do in life – studying, working, partying or all three at once – you’ll do better if you are in good physical and emotional shape. If you’re not feeling quite up to scratch, make a list of things to improve over the next few weeks. Keep following this page – you might get some tips. Or go straight to Tip Number Two – always a good place to start 🙂

If physical fitness is on your list of things to improve, try your university’s sports clubs, yoga group or get a bike (Adelaide looks better from a bicycle!!). If you want to work on your mind, body and spirit all at once, you might want to try Yoga Spirit Studios on Henley Beach Road. Their beginner’s classes are awesome and they teach yoga in a very safe and nurturing way. It’s like getting a big hug.

Next, check your academic toolbox. What skills do you need for the course you’re on? Can you write a good essay? How’s your writing structure? Is your grammar going to get you through? Are you managing to concentrate in lectures? Visit your Student Services website to see what sort of skills you are going to need.

If you’re missing a few tools, go straight to Tip Number Two.


Tip Number Two: Visit Student Services

Whatever Tip you need, it’s always best to start at your own Student Services. These guys are here to help you though – online or in person.

UniSA Student Services

UniSA Student Services

Whichever South Australian University you’re at, all three of our Unis have great resources for students, from info sheets on English grammar to counselling services for when it all gets too much.

Check out their websites:

University of Adelaide Student Services, via Hub Central

Flinders University Student Services

University of South Australia Student Services

For a few survival tips from a student’s perspective you might like to visit http://survivingstudenthood.wordpress.com/, a blog without geographical boundaries by ‘a group of friends trying to survive the student experience’. It could be a good place to ask questions and share experiences.

Tip Number Three… coming soon 🙂


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